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Reimagine Turtle Creek Watershed & Airshed Communities Plus

What is Reimagine TCWAC?

​The communities of the Turtle Creek watershed and airshed have come together to demand sustainable change to protect the interconnected water and airsheds that encompass these connected communities. There are over 30 municipalities that are touched by these networks of creeks, rivers, and traveling air pathways. Meetings began in December 2019 to explore options for sustainable community development actions based on what people of the community wanted to see done.


Re-Imagine Turtle Creek Watershed and Airshed Communities Plus (TCWAC+) is a community-led initiative to envision and implement sustainable community and economic development for the TCWAC and beyond. The counties of eastern Allegheny and western Westmoreland, in which the communities reside, are focusing on sustainability tactics for Human Health and Wellness, Land Management, Renewable Energy and Green Infrastructure, Urban Agriculture, and Single-Use Plastics Diversion. By looking within ourselves and working to improve our relationship with the earth, we will improve the greater Western PA Watershed and Airshed region. “Healing and coming back to the balance of the air and the people that live within it,” as Moni Wesner commented, is the future we see and are building ahead.

"People can't care about problems if they don't even recognize them as problems to begin with."

- Advocate Rhea Homa

Reimagine TCWAC:

Learn more about the Reimagine TCWAC effort by visiting the Reimagine TCWAC page on Facebook or emailing This webpage is hosted by Promote PT. 

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