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Buildings, Renewables, & Infrastructure

Our Projects

The Buildings, Renewables, & Infrastructure Group has been hard at work imagining ways that their community can be more energy-efficient and improve their overall sustainability initiatives.


The main project of this working group is to re-imagine the Monroeville Mall into a sustainable space. This would include introducing renewable energy systems, retrofitting techniques that exhibit green infrastructure, and promoting the inclusion of sustainable businesses inside of the mall. If you would like to learn about the specifics of the Monroeville Ecomall project, email for a link to the proposal project's presentation.

The economic impact of the Monroeville Mall project is significant in bringing the area ample green jobs and revenue to stimulate the local economy. You can view Downstream Strategies' Economic Impact of several regional ReImagine projects here.

Another project the group has been focusing on is The Goddess Nest. The Goddess Nest is a house that was renovated as a community space and is located in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Its membership program offers a family-like co-working, healing, and growing space. They are promoters of sustainable community development projects that include the building of a community garden and utilizing sustainable retrofitting techniques.

Energy Efficiency Consultation
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