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Relevant event for this group from SWPA Commission Water Resource Council:

Green Infrastructure Implementation Lessons Learned

Green Infrastructure (GI) is being implemented with greater and greater frequency throughout the country in order to meet water quality goals, enhance our communities, improve climate change resiliency, and even reduce costs. As communities implement individual GI projects or large-scale programs with multiple projects, they face numerous challenges with respect to planning, designing, constructing, or maintaining these valuable amenities. In this presentation, experienced GI designers from Jacobs Engineering will discuss practical and easily incorporated lessons learned from implementing literally hundreds of GI projects in parks, roads, schools, parking lots, and other settings in communities such as the City of Lancaster, PA, and Syracuse, NY. Specifically, the presentation will cover a wide range of insights, including but not limited to the following: planning and design considerations that improve GI project cost-effectiveness, performance, appearance, and maintenance needs; commonly asked questions; integrating GI with other capital improvements; and GI resources.

Free Webinar - Thursday, February 25, Time: Noon-1:00 PM-


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