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3 Reasons this Buddhist Encourages Veganism

The Health and Wellness working group puts out a new podcast every Thursday, revolving around holistic and natural health. To listen to this podcast from Reimagine TCWAC’s ‘Journey Through Health and Wellness’ series, click on the following link:

Nancy Arenas is tuning in from New Mexico as a vegan advocate and speaker. She was inspired into becoming vegan by her good friend, and has been successfully plant based for the past eight years. Only one month into her vegan diet, she noticed that all the physical pain in her body had simply vanished, and there was a massive change in how her body and brain felt. Nancy engages with everyone she meets in order to promote veganism. She also talks of how her consciousness expanded to perceive animals and wildlife in a new light. She hopes that society soon also makes the connection that human life, animal life, the environment, and society are all interconnected and affected by veganism. As a buddhist, Nancy speaks of her daily routine encompassing meditation, physical stretching, and reasserting her mindset. Nancy and her interviewer, Dr. Elisa Haransky Beck, discuss Nancy's contribution to the new anthology, Vegan Voices.


Nancy Arenas is a certified Vegan Nutrition Coach and the founder of Red and Green VegFest Albuquerque. She is an established author, vegan chef, and the Creator and Host of Vegan Pulse! Living in New Mexico, she is also a Vegan Guide for New Mexico - VeganOnTheMAP. Her goal of living compassionately and non violently motivates her to spread the vegan message!

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