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Heal Yourself, Heal the World

"Every individual is a world and every individual can make a world of difference."

Brian Baruch encourages listeners to stop repressing parts of themselves and embrace the duality of nature - feminine/masculine, inside/outside - not as conflicting energies but as synergistic parts of a whole. What are you repressing? How can you make peace with all parts of yourself?

We need to reformulate our relationships with ourselves in order to reformulate our relationships with nature, with animals, and with people that do not look like us.

Brian Baruch joins Journey Through Health and Wellness from Toronto to discuss healing, trauma recovery, and the importance of non-hierarchical systems, inspired creatives, and stewardship. He touches on Judaism and his work with native Hawaiians. He connects the human body with the outer world and believes in the opportunity of this transitional moment in how humans treat the environment. In both appreciation of his partner, Peggy Liu, and urgency to implement change, Brian discusses Peggy's work in Chinese energy grid greening. Brian draws many of his points from ancient texts.


Brian Baruch is a spiritual writer and teacher who shares inspirational keys for accessing your inner genius.

With lessons that kindle the soul, Brian’s words help transform pain into a passion that liberates hearts for restorative intimacy. His lessons address the mysteries of the soul and impart keys for transcending limitations. Brian’s distinct approach to driving inner development encourages seekers to embrace the inner path with the irrepressible passion of a timeless love story. Brian teaches that one’s life journey is a love story between the realized and latent self.

The Health and Wellness working group puts out a new podcast every Thursday, revolving around holistic and natural health. To listen to this podcast from Reimagine TCWAC’s ‘Journey Through Health and Wellness’ series, click on the following link:

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