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Self Mastery and Thriving Relationships with Manya Gittel

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

The Health and Wellness working group puts out a new podcast every Thursday, revolving around holistic and natural health. To listen to this podcast from Reimagine TCWAC’s ‘Journey Through Health and Wellness’ series, click on the following link:

Manya Gittel, dialing in from Johannesburg, South Africa, discusses her awakening into exercising the full potential of herself. She explains how relationships with others are a massively influential part of her journey. Thriving relationships can truly help one achieve greatness in their life. Manya speaks of her passion as attaining a healthy soul in order to really connect with others. She clarifies that if relationships are good, with no blockages, finding one another can result in a better quality life. Manya and her interviewer, Dr. Elisa Haransky Beck, break down and simplify the steps to meditate and discuss that meditation can occur in any passing moment. Manya also demonstrates a brief meditative breath work exercise, in which grounds and calms your body. Sharing her daily health practices, Manya sets an example for healthy relationships and the success that you gain from them.


Manya has attended the Trinity College Dublin, University of South Africa, and University of the Witwatersrand and studied the areas of speech and drama, psychology, and interpretation, power dynamics, and cultural diversity. With experience in plenty of leadership positions, she uses her ample expertise to coach leadership for individuals and groups. Manya specializes in optimizing relationships with KnockKnock Coaching.

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