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The Best Way to Nourish Your Relationship with Animals

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The Health and Wellness working group puts out a new podcast every Thursday, revolving around holistic and natural health. To listen to this podcast from Reimagine TCWAC’s ‘Journey Through Health and Wellness’ series, click on the following link:

Renee Vos De Wael is an animal whisperer. She emphasizes the crucial importance of respecting and being respected by animals, and highlights the impacts that animals can create. While society tends to stigmatize the act of talking to animals, Renee encourages her audience to open their minds and listen to what animals and nature are yearning to tell us. Renee and her interviewer, Dr. Elisa Haransky Beck, continue to discuss the relationship between humans and animals, and how to respect the cycle of life. With a willingness to listen, we can learn immensely from animals.


Renee is a life coach, educator, group facilitator, and animal communicator. From her earlier years working in the field of teaching and massage therapy, she has developed an open mind which enhances her connection with animals. She has a gift of being able to understand animals, and uses her ability to help others communicate successfully. Loving the idea that we can reinvent ourselves whenever we need to, she has a very flexible attitude towards life.

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