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ReImagine TCWAC+ Resources 

Beaver Run Reservoir Petition

We call upon the MAWC and the Westmoreland County Commissioners to take actions to safeguard the public's water going forward.

The Drilled 2024 Guide to Climate Disinformation

Stay informed about disinformation spread by the fossil fuel industry!

Pennsylvania Native Plants to Plant in Your Garden

Learn more about Pennsylvania Native Plants. Then consider joining TCWAC's Native Urban Garden Stewardship (NUGS) Program!

Penn Township Ordinance Petition

We call upon the Penn Township Commissioners to honor their obligations by passing Protect PT's model ordinance into law! Click for more info and to sign the petition!

Westmoreland County Comprehensive Plan

Learn more about Westmoreland County's plan to reimagine its communities through education, sustainability, and more!

Gardening for Health: A Regular Dose of Gardening

Read this study about how gardening reduces stress, anger, and lower risk of dementia!

Tell Governor Shapiro to REVOKE the Cyclone, PA Injection Well Permit!

Sign this petition to urge Governor Shapiro to protect our environment and revoke the Catalyst Energy, Inc. UIC Class II Disposal Well permit.

Allegheny County Controller Recommendations

Read the sustainability recommendations from Allegheny County Controller, Corey O'Connor. The county is currently working on a Climate Action Plan (CAP).

Sustainable Sweden Association Study Tour

The Sustainable Sweden Association is hosting a two week study tour to introduce Sweden's eco-villages to the world.

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