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Health & Wellness

Background & Actions

ReImagine Health & Wellness was established to create a network of folks interested in sustainable health and wellness. Its podcast, Journey through Health & Wellness, was created to inspire listeners to start or continue their journey in sustainable health and wellness by looking within themselves and working to improve their relationship with the earth.


Journey Through Health and Wellness highlights different means of practicing sustainable health. We have covered topics including veganism, kinesiology, urban forests, art therapy, natural beauty, Kundalini yoga, and more.  Everyone has their own journey in discovering what works for them and the earth. Our hosts emphasize how the connection between humans and nature needs to be recognized in order to practice wellness. The podcast is unique in its non-hierarchical power structure - we have several hosts that have all been interviewed and encourage others to get involved as interviewers, telling as many inspirational stories (everyone has one!) as we can is an ultimate goal.  


Interested in being interviewed? is available for listeners and website visitors to send in questions, comments, and requests to be interviewed.

Pittsburgh Vegan Society:
Every day is Earth Day 2021 Event

PVS met on Earth Day 2021 to teach attendees how the transition to a plant-based diet can combat the devastating effects of conventional farming on the natural environment and human health.

Organizers on a socially distanced hike
Tube Microphone in Studio
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