Understand the Environmental Impacts of your Food Choices

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Dr. Sailesh Rao imparts his wisdom on the environmental impact of our food choices. He discusses his philosophy on veganism and the effect of bringing animals into the world just to exploit them. The mere existence of these domesticated animals displaces wild animals in nature and invokes extinction. Unwilling to participate in the exploitation of these animals, Dr. Rao became vegan in 2008. He explains that every individual choice impacts everybody on Earth and suggests that instead of eating animals, we should come into harmony with nature. With a vast engineering background, Dr. Rao discusses the quantifiable facts of the likelihood of mass vertebrate extinction by 2026. Concluding that the problem with society is seeing ourselves as separate from nature, Dr. Rao clearly lays out that the solution includes rejecting the mentality of consumerism and supremacism and accepting collaborative thinking. He speaks of transitioning from a narcissistic species to a compassionate, climate regulating, caretaker species. Dr. Elisa Haransky Beck, Dr. Rao’s interviewer, invite